25th Anniversary












Twenty-five years ago this October, Tom Van Dyck founded As You Sow, and we’ve been fighting for corporate transparency, accountability, and a safe, just, sustainable world ever since.

We don’t do parties very often — our last one was five years ago, when we turned 20. So SAVE THE DATE: Thursday October 5, 2017, in San Francisco, and

Between now and October, we’ll be fighting to resist, counter, mitigate, and deflect the harm coming from the fact-challenged administration in Washington — we figure by October we’ll be ready to blow off some steam.

It’s a ping pong party — check out wearespin.com — and more information is coming soon. We hope you’ll come celebrate 25 years with us, and reinvigorate for the challenges ahead.

Sponsorships $25,000 to $1,000
Individual tickets $250

info@asyousow.org for more information.

* SMASH, verb (used with object)
1. to overthrow or destroy something considered as harmful:
      As You Sow is smashing the notion that good environmental, social, and governance policies reduce profit

2. ping pong. to hit a ball overhead with a hard downward motion, causing the shot to move very swiftly
      Andy smashed the ball over the net

1. of, relating to, or constituting a great success:
     As You Sow has scored numerous smash hits by holding corporations accountable


See you in October!