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Will New Pay Ratio Disclosure Lead to “Public Infamy?”

The discussion of how much leaders should be paid in comparison to their workers is an old one, as pointed out by former compensation consultant Graef Crystal, “Plato told Aristotle no one should make more than five times the pay of the lowest member of society. J.P. Morgan said 20 times. Jesus advocated a negative differential — that’s why they killed him.”

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Pension Voting on Climate Change Proposals

As part of its annual report on CEO pay, As You Sow collects pension fund proxy voting records, either through websites or from public information requests. Given the importance of climate change, we decided to review fund voting on climate proposals. We reviewed 44 proposals (falling under four categories discussed below), comparing the voting records of 17 funds for which we had data. This represented a total of 628 votes captured, as not every fund owned each company.

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