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As You Sow Planting Seeds For Social Change


Healthful and safe communities are a basic need and right for all people. As You Sow's work seeks to ensure our food supply and consumer products are safe, that hazardous wastes are properly recycled and disposed of to eliminate polluting air and water supplies, and to ensure that there is adequate testing and transparency to validate this is so. As You Sow advocates for the incorporation of the Precautionary Principle as part of all manufacturing processes.

The Precautionary Principle, analogous to the Hippocratic "do no harm" oath, raises the burden of proof regarding safety to people and ecosystems, particularly in cases where impacts cannot be readily contained. This approach is appropriate, for example, in the face of mounting evidence of the impacts of products with minute toxins result in serious impacts at low quantities either due to the timing of exposure or interactions with other ingredients, conditions which are generally untested. Similar conditions exist for genetically modified plants and animals which can yield adverse human and ecosystem consequences due to complex, untested interactions.

Our work toward improving corporate policies on health and safety emphasizes:

  • Increased disclosure of potential human health risks
  • More thorough product testing
  • Elimination of toxic or environmentally hazardous components

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