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This can is not BPA free

Coca-Cola's continued lack of transparency and movement on BPA phase-out led As You Sow and its shareholder partners to file a shareholder resolution in 2011.

25.1% of shareholders agreed that the company should disclose its plans around continued use of BPA in their can-linings. This represents a 20% increase in support from the prior year.

Our 2012 resolution was omitted by the SEC due Coca-Cola's stating that they had fulfilled the requests of the resolution.

Among the chief risks to investors:

  • Coca-Cola does not provide investors with sufficient information regarding the financial and regulatory risks associated with the company's use of BPA.
  • Coca-Cola also lags behind the industry in both exploring alternatives to BPA and disclosing its efforts. This presents both a reputational risk and competitive disadvantage.
  • Download the investor memo (PDF)

Coca-Cola is the world’s largest beverage company, selling almost 570 billion servings of beverages annually. A significant part of Coca-Cola’s business includes selling beverages in aluminum cans that contain BPA.

As You Sow, Domini Social Investments, and Trillium Asset Management filed the first-ever shareholder resolution focused on BPA at Coca Cola in 2010. The resolution asked the company to report on "public policy challenges associated with BPA".

The 2010 resolution received a strong vote of 22% support from shareholders, which prompted articles in Fast Company and Food Production Daily.

RiskMetrics Group, the largest U.S. proxy advisory service, recommended that shareholders vote “For” the resolution at Coca-Cola. RiskMetrics noted that Coca-Cola does not sufficiently disclose the steps the company is taking to address shareholder and consumer concerns about the use of BPA in can linings.

For more information, read our fact sheet for the 2010 vote, the shareholder statements at the 2010 meeting, or read our survey and scorecard on BPA use in the packaged food industry.

As You Sow contacted Coca-Cola in 2009 requesting a dialogue regarding the company’s use of BPA. At that point we had already surveyed more than 20 companies over their use of BPA and had engaged in dialogues with several of them. Coca-Cola received 'F' grades on both our 2009 and 2010 survey and report, Seeking Safer Packaging: Ranking Packaged Foods Companies on BPA. Our dialogue with Coca-Cola made it quite clear that they were lagging the industry in several significant ways.

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