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Toward a Safe, Just Workplace: Apparel Supply Chain Compliance Programs

"Towards a Safe, Just Workplace: Apparel Supply Chain Compliance Programs," our groundbreaking report evaluating supply chain compliance among major apparel companies, is now available. Click here to view and download (pdf).

More than a decade ago, apparel companies began to adopt vendor codes of conduct to avoid risks associated with sweatshop conditions in their supply chains. But it's been unclear which major brands actually adopted substantive policies and programs to address this daunting issue.

"Toward a Safe, Just Workplace: Apparel Supply Chain Compliance Programs" provides a scorecard and report focus on company programs such as: factory auditing, remediation, continuous improvement, collaboration, company management accountability, and transparency. Participating companies include: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Target Corp., Nordstrom Inc., The Gap Inc., and Levi Strauss & Co.

Disclosure can protect valuable brand names from lawsuits and controversies that can erode shareholder value. Failure to act on allegations of labor abuses at supplier factories has damaged the reputations of marketing giants like Nike and Gap. As You Sow's leadership has helped to transform the quality of corporate reporting on vendor standards as reflected in the ground-breaking public reports on vendor compliance with their codes of conduct and challenges that remain.

Click below to watch the 60 minute webinar.

The presentation was hosted by Conrad MacKerron, Senior Program Director, As You Sow, and features Dan Henkle, SVP, Global Responsibility of The Gap Inc. and Leslie Croshaw, Sr. Manager of Social and Environmental Sustainability of Levi Strauss & Co., who discuss company actions aimed at permanently reducing levels of non-compliance. Jorge Perez-Lopez, Executive Director of the Fair Labor Association provided perspectives from a nonprofit that works with scores of companies to reduce non-compliance issues, and report author Amy Galland, Ph.D. Research Director, As You Sow, presented original baseline data from the publication.


Conrad MacKerron Amy Galland, Ph.D.
Senior Program Director Research Director
As You Sow As You Sow



Dan Henkle Jorge Perez-Lopez
SVP of Global Responsibility Executive Director
The Gap, Inc. Fair Labor Association


Leslie Croshaw  
Sr. Manager of Social and Environmental Sustainability
Levi Strauss & Co.

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