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General Mills

Our 2011 shareholder resolution with General Mills asked the consumer packaged goods giant to adopt an EPR policy aimed at elimination of post-consumer waste.

General Mills agreed to share key data underlying their perspective on packaging and EPR systems with As You Sow and its shareholder allies, in response to one of the shareholder first filings on this issue. We agreed to withdraw the resolutions in order to review this data and build a good faith dialogue with the consumer packaging giant over the long term. As shareholders, we retain the right to re-file these proposals if we believe the company is not sufficiently responsive. 

The As You Sow-led shareholder proposal was co–filed by Green Century Equity Fund and Walden Asset Management.  Our ally Nelson Capital Management is also actively engaged in the dialogue with General Mills. 

In 2013, we filed a new proposal asking the company to address its responsibility for post-consumer product packaging.Investors will vote on the matter this fall at the company's annual meeting.

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