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As You Sow Planting Seeds For Social Change

Dell and HP

"Engagement with expert stakeholder organizations like As You Sow is critical in helping Dell meet our goals to be a responsible market leader.

This engagement has helped us better understand emerging corporate responsibility issues, external perceptions of our performance, and helped us develop more responsive corporate policies to address those issues."

- Tod Arbogast, Sustainable Business Director, Dell Inc.

In response to our requests for measurable goals, Dell set and surpassed its initial take-back goal of recycling 50% more equipment in fiscal year 2005 than it did in fiscal 2004.

After As You Sow and shareholder colleagues asked HP to set a stronger take-back goal, the company said in 2004 it would recycle 1 billion pounds of electronic products and printing supplies globally by 2007, a goal which it met. Dell also developed a profitable asset recovery business for its corporate clients that assured responsible recycling and data destruction. This is an important example of a company making a programmatic commitment to recycling of its goods.

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