Is PepsiCo's new $10M pledge to The Recycling Partnership enough?

In a Fortune op-ed touting her company's use of recycled content and $55 million investment in recycling over the past 10 years, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi also recognized "that these efforts are simply not enough." Groups such as Greenpeace and As You Sow, were quick to release statements about why they don't believe this latest investment is enough either.

Like other global consumer product companies, PepsiCo has become increasingly engaged in the recycling conversation due in part to mounting pressure around plastic waste. PepsiCo Recycling has been funding community and school bins with Keep America Beautiful since 2010 and the company's foundation was an initial member of the Closed Loop Fund in 2014. Last year, it joined both the New Plastics Economy initiative and The Recycling Partnership. The company has also pledged to make all of its packaging "recyclable, compostable or biodegradable," and increase the use of recycled content by 2025. Read Full Article - Waste Dive, August 1, 2018