2019 Clean200 Show Undeniable Power of Renewables

The 2019 edition of BP’s Energy Outlook, released Thursday, explores the key uncertainties that could impact the shape of global energy markets out to 2040 — the greatest of which involve the dual challenges of the need for more energy to support continued global economic growth and rising prosperity, and the need for a more rapid transition to a lower-carbon future. The Outlook also considers a number of other issues, including the possible impact of an escalation in trade disputes and the implications of a significant tightening in the regulation of plastics.

Much of the narrative in the Outlook is based on its ‘evolving transition’ scenario. This scenario and the others considered in the Outlook are not predictions of what is likely to happen; instead, BP says they explore the possible implications of different judgements and assumptions. Read Full Article - Sustainable Brands, February 19, 2019