The 25 CEOs whose pay has been most wildly out of sync with their company's performance

Most CEOs make a lot of money. No surprise there.

In fact, the typical CEO made a whopping 312 times their median employees' salary in 2017, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

But some chief executives earn salaries that are seemingly disproportionate to their company's shareholder returns. A 2019 report from As You Sow, a nonprofit focused on shareholder advocacy, ranks the most "overpaid" leaders on the S&P 500.

To figure out who's overpaid, As You Sow calculated the ratio of CEO pay in 2017 to total shareholder return at each company, as well as the companies where the most shares were voted against the CEO pay package (the first ratio was weighted double). Read Full Article - Business Insider, February 22, 2019