The 100 most overpaid US CEOs

OAKLAND, CA: February 28, 2019. Shareholder advocacy non-profit As You Sow has published its latest report on the 100 most overpaid US CEOs as compared to their companies’ median employee compensation.

Stephen Kaufer of TripAdvisor places No.12 with an annual salary of US$49.9 million compared to an employee median of US$99,643; and Expedia CEO Mark Okerstrom is at No.17 with US$30.7 million compared to a median of US$71,696.

Top of the list (pictured) is Ronald Clarke of Georgia-based Fleetcor Technologies that provides fuel cards and workforce payment products and services internationally. Last year he received a reported US$52.64 million compared to a median employee salary of US$34,700 – a pay ratio of 1517:1.

As You Sow report author Rosanna Landis Weaver says what has changed the most over several years is that more large shareholders are voting against CEO pay packages, and those who are not are more isolated and defensive. Read Full Article - Freight Week, February 28, 2019

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