Plastic pollution: A call to arms

Concern about the negative impacts of plastic pollution has exploded in the last couple of years as more data has surfaced about the pervasiveness of plastic waste and our inability to control it, elevating concerns in the public consciousness, media, and government.  As You Sow, which has worked for more than a decade with activist investors to promote waste reduction and increase recycling of many types of waste, is working with a growing group of 40 investors to educate and engage companies and other investors about risks posed by plastic pollution.

Last June, As You Sow founded the Plastic Solutions Investor Alliance, an international coalition of investors engaging publicly traded consumer goods companies on plastic waste and pollution. So far 40 investors with a combined $2 trillion in assets under management have signed a declaration citing plastic pollution as a clear corporate brand risk and pledging to interact with leading companies to find solutions through new corporate commitments, programs, and policies. At this point, Plastic Solution Investor Alliance members are almost entirely money managers or ESG/SRI firms rather than asset owners. Read Full Article - Top 100 Funds, August 16, 2019