Pellet pollution is a problem we can solve


Your first impression of Diane Wilson and her brigade of volunteer environmental activists might be that they're aging hippies, still fighting the establishment.

But here's the truth: They're battling a real problem that the plastics industry could start to solve tomorrow. They're on the right side of this issue, and more people had better start paying attention.

If you own or manage a plastics company and you don't take pellet pollution seriously, then learn from Formosa Plastics Corp.'s example. Because it could cost the company $160 million.

Wilson is a fourth-generation Texan who once made her living harvesting shrimp. She got turned on to environmental issues back in the 1980s, initially because of toxic waste in Lavaca Bay.

That didn't have anything to do with plastics. But Wilson fought against Formosa from the very beginning, starting when the Point Comfort plant was still under construction. I've seen her name pop up in news reports for years. She even wrote a book about her battle. Read Full Article - Plastic News, April 29, 2019