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As You Sow Planting Seeds For Social Change

As You Sow promotes environmental and social corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacy, coalition building, and innovative legal strategies.

Program Highlights

Colgate | As You Sow AT&T Fri. Apr. 25 | Proxy Season Updates
Colgate Commits to 100% Recyclable Packaging by 2020 Proxy Season Updates
AT&T Fri. Apr. 25
Designed to be Waste As You Sow's 2014 Shareholder Resolutions
Watch Designed to be Waste, a new video from our Consumer Packaging initiative Read about As You Sow's 2014 shareholder resolutions

Recent Publications
NYC Comptroller and As You Sow Reach Agreement with ExxonMobil on Fracking Disclosure
ExxonMobil has agreed to provide increased transparency about the environmental and community risks associated with its shale gas hydraulic fracturing and production practices in response to a shareholder proposal filed by As You Sow, the New York City Pension Funds, and 12 co-filers. More >
SEC's Corporate Proxy Rule sNeed a Rewrite
SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher's comments on March 27 2014 suggested that the Securities and Exchange Commission should revamp its proxy-proposal rules to make it more difficult to bring shareholder actions. We respond with our own suggestion - the process should be made as simple as possible, not restricted to the very wealthy. More >
Landmark Agreement on Climate Change and Carbon Asset Risk with ExxonMobil
After engageing with As You Sow and other shareholders, ExxonMobil, the largest U.S. energy company, has agreed for the first time ever to publish a Carbon Asset Risk report describing how it assesses the risk of stranded assets from climate change. More >
Southern Agrees to Report on Its Actions to Capture Value from Renewable Energy Investments
After successful dialogues with As You Sow, Atlanta-based Southern Company, one of the largest utilities in the US, has agreed to produce a comprehensive report on the company's renewable energy projects and its future plans to integrate more renewable energy into its operations. More >
Download Proxy Preview 2014
The Proxy Preview 2014 report covers the record-breaking 417 social and environmental shareholder resolutions filed this proxy season, with political spending and climate change driving the majority of the activity. More >
Read the Q&A and watch the Green Bonds webinar
The rapid growth of 'Green Bond' issuances is evidence that markets are responding to the financial sector's increasing recognition of the need for action on climate change. Read the Q&A and watch the Green Bonds webinar. More >
Shareholders Target Companies' Failure to Measure and Reduce Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing
ExxonMobil, Chevron, EOG Resources, Occidental Petroleum, and Pioneer Resources received shareholder resolutions from a coalition of investors concerned about the lack of reported progress in mitigating the risks associated with company hydraulic fracturing operations. More >
No More GMOs in Your Cheerios
General Mills has announced that it has stopped sourcing genetically modified organisms for its original Cheerios breakfast cereal. We congratulate General Mills for their leadership, but there is still more to do. More >
Response to 60 Minutes Segment 'The Cleantech Crash'
The 50th anniversary Surgeon General's Report on Smoking and Health called on Hollywood movie studios to eliminate images of smoking from youth rated movies.
More >
Response to 60 Minutes Segment 'The Cleantech Crash'
60 Minutes got the facts wrong in their recent segment "The Cleantech Crash". Read our response as we detail the truth about the booming cleantech sector.
More >
Disclosing the Facts
Download Disclosing the Facts, a scorecard of hydraulic fracturing companies produced in partnership with Boston Common Asset Management, Green Century, and the Investor Environmental Health Network.
More >
Cleantech Redefined
Download our Cleantech Redefined report, which lays out the many opportunities cleantech investing has to offer.
More >
Seeds of Change: Winter 2013
Read about our recent energy reports, our work on labeling GMOs and nanoparticles in food, our ongoing progress on packaging waste, and more in As You Sow's winter newsletter.
More >
Divest - Invest: Electronic Press Kit
This electronic press kit provides reports, white papers, articles, and other background information on the growing divestment and reinvestment movement.
More >
As You Sow 2013 Shareholder Resolutions
As You Sow filed shareholder resolutions with over a dozen companies in 2013.
More >
Do the Investment Math
Is there a way to divest from fossil fuel companies without increasing risk? Do the Investment Math: Building a Carbon-Free Portfolio has the answer.
More >
Seeds of Change: Summer 2013
As You Sow's summer newsletter is here! Read about the companies we are engaging this proxy season on nanomaterials, GMOs, climate change, slavery-free cotton, and more.
More >
Proxy Preview 2013
Proxy Preview 2013 is the ninth edition of our insider's guide to environmental and social shareholder resolutions. Visit proxypreview.org to download the report, access shareholder advocacy resources, and learn about the report authors and contributors. More >
Slipping Through the Cracks: An Issue Brief on Nanomaterials in Food
Slipping Through the Cracks: An Issue Brief on Nanomaterials in Food highlights the potential risks of nanotechnology for companies who are knowingly or unknowingly using it in their products and for public health. More >
Coal Risks Report
Update: Financial Risks of Investments in Coal outlines the mounting financial risks facing coal-dependent utilities. More >
Producer Responsibility Report
Unfinished Business: The Case for Extended Producer Responsibility for Post-Consumer Packaging describes how extended producer responsibility would boost the U.S. packaging recycling rates and transform how recycling is funded. More >

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News Highlights

Colgate Commits to Recyclable Packaging
Colgates move towards recyclable packaging is covered by Sustainable Brands.
More >

Exxon Bows to Investor Demands to Disclose Fracking Risks
Bloomberg Businessweek covers Exxon's agreement to disclose fracking risks and the withdrawal of our shareholder resolution.
More >

In Shift, Exxon Mobil to Report on Risks to Its Fossil Fuel Assets
New York Times covers ExxonMobil's agreement to report on how it views the risks climate change could pose to the value of its assets.
More >

Exxon Agrees to Disclose Fracking Risks
Exxon's move to disclose on hydraulic fracturing risk and the withdrawal of our shareholder resolution are covered in the Wall Street Journal.
More >

More Companies Bow to Investors With a Social Cause
Wall Street Journal discusses shareholder's role in moving companies towards social responsibility.
More >

Exxon Mobil's Commitment to Carbon Asset Risk is Just the Beginning
Danielle Fugere, As You Sow President, discusses the implications of Exxon's recent move to report on climate risk at Guardian Sustainble Business.
More >

Political Disclosures a Key Aim of 2014 Proxy Proposals
Corporate Secretary discusses Proxy Preview 2014 and the political spending resolutions filed this proxy season.
More >

Investor Group Demands Fossil Fuel Companies Disclose Carbon Asset Risk
Reuters covers As You Sow and coalition partners' shareholder resolutions on carbon asset risk, filed at 10 energy companies.
More >

Shareholders Protest Fracking Risks
As You Sow and coalition partners' shareholder resolutions on fracking, filed at five oil and gas companies, are featured in Financial Advisor Magazine.
More >

Why Investors Should Focus On 'Non-Financial Issues'
Forbes speaks to Amelia Timbers, As You Sow Energy Program Manager, about FirstEnergy and the broader context of ESG trends.
More >

Under Investor Pressure, Utility to Study Emissions
The New York Times covers FirstEnergy's agreement to work toward reducing carbon emissions after engaging with As You Sow in partnership with New York State and Connecticut pension funds.
More >

Material Insights: The Top Materials Stories of 2013
Plastics News names McDonald's decision to phase out polystyrene foam from hot beverage cups one of the top three materials stories of 2013.
More >

Students Escalate Divestment Campaign After Universities Refuse to Sell Fossil Fuel Stocks
Ecowatch talks to students around the country working with their universities to divest from fossil fuels.
More >

Lax Disclosure in Fracking Industry One of the Problems Keeping Investors at Bay
Investment News discusses the findings of our new Disclosing the Facts report.
More >

On Campuses, a Fossil-Fuel Divestment Movement
As You Sow founder Tom Van Dyck speaks to the Washington Post about the student divestment movement sweeping campuses across the country.
More >

Exxon, BP Among Explorers Urged to Disclose More Fracking Data
Bloomberg talks to As You Sow President Danielle Fugere about our new fracking report.
More >

Cleantech Sector Finding Economic Footing, Says New Report
HazMat Management covers our new Cleantech Redefined report.
More >

Greens ask U.S. Biotech Firms to Sit Out Food-Labeling Vote
Chicago Tribune reports on our shareholder filings with Monsanto and other companies funding anti-GMO labeling efforts.
More >

Investors Call For Food Companies to Stay out of Washington State GMO Battle
Companies that gave $46 million to stop California GMO labeling risk negative brand reputation if they fund effort to stop I-522 initiative for transparent labeling of food. More >

McDonald's Will Ditch Polystyrene for Paper Coffee Cups
GreenBiz.com writes about McDonald's decision to phase out polystyrene cups. More >

Investors Ask General Mills to Step Up Packaging Responsibility
Shareholders will vote on a resolution asking for assessment of post-consumer waste strategies at the annual company meeting. More >

Amid Criticism, Dunkin Moves to Replace Foam Cups
The Boston Globe talks to Senior Vice President Conrad MacKerron about Dunkin' Donuts' new paper cups. More>

Dunkin' Donuts Moves to More Sustainable Coffee Cups
Conrad MacKerron, Senior Vice President, weighs in on Dunkin's new cup recycling initiatives. More >

Chevron, Exxon investors sustain calls for fracking disclosure
Chicago Tribune covers the votes at ExxonMobil and Chevron on the risks of fracking. 30% of investors backed calls for more disclosure. More >

After Bubbles in Dotcoms and Housing, Here's the Carbon Bubble
The Wall Street Journal explores the pending carbon bubble and the first investor vote, called by As You Sow, on its risks to energy company value. More >

As You Sow Urges Governor to Prioritize Citizen's Health by Strengthening Prop 65
In response to Governor Jerry Brown's proposed updates to California's environmental and consumer protection law Proposition 65, As You Sow, a longtime enforcer of the law, encourages keeping Prop 65 strong. More >

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