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A Shared Vision For the Future of Global Stock Markets

The United Nations is holding its annual climate change conference in Bonn this week, but the tone this year is different. Driven by a growing litany of harms associated with a warming planet, global governments are getting down to the brass tacks of implementing the Paris Climate Accord. Even the two long-time holdouts, Syria and Nicaragua, have finally pledged to join the Accord. In fact, the U.S. stands alone in threatening to withdraw and ignoring reality while doubling down on fossil fuels.

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Clean Power Plan Statement

The Trump administration’s announcement to end the Clean Power Plan increases risk to investors now and into the future. Fossil-fired utilities are the source of one-third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. is already paying a high public health and economic price from climate change, including heat waves, droughts, wildfires, super-storms, and growing numbers of global refugees impacted by rising seas and famine. The harms of climate change will only grow, hampering economic growth and harming communities.

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Pension Voting on Climate Change Proposals

As part of its annual report on CEO pay, As You Sow collects pension fund proxy voting records, either through websites or from public information requests. Given the importance of climate change, we decided to review fund voting on climate proposals. We reviewed 44 proposals (falling under four categories discussed below), comparing the voting records of 17 funds for which we had data. This represented a total of 628 votes captured, as not every fund owned each company.

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