Clean200 2019 Q1 Update: Investing in a Clean Energy Future


The Carbon Clean 200™, a list of the 200 publicly traded companies that are leading the way among their global peers to a clean energy future, was released by As You Sow and Corporate Knights in February 2019.

Since its inception in July 2016, the Clean200™ has outperformed the S&P Global 1200 Energy Index with a return of 1.29 percent compared to -2.49 percent. It is lagging behind the broad-market benchmark for the S&P 1200 which had a return of 19.67 percent, mostly due to the impact of the simmering trade war between China and the U.S. If Chinese stocks are excluded from the Clean200, its return since implementation jumps to 20.4 percent, moving it ahead of the broad-market benchmark. The Clean200 therefore continues to provide evidence that market forces are driving growth for low-carbon companies across all sectors of the economy.

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