Dunkin Brands' 2017 Packaging Resolution Withdrawal

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Re: Withdrawal of the 2017 Shareholder Proposal 

The Company agrees to provide additional information in its packaging and recycling report in two areas:  

(1) A brief section discussing that front-of-house recycling is required in several large markets (Seattle, San Francisco and possibly New York City) and its willingness to monitor those programs, assess their effectiveness, and learnings applicable to potential similar programs in other selected markets.  

(2) Additional data on the company’s reusable mug program. The company will make its best efforts to provide additional information on how many mugs have been sold or distributed at how many locations, successes and challenges associated with the program, and on promotional programs that are still active.    

Further, the company will work with As You Sow and third parties with expertise in promoting reusables to consider ideas for a potential pilot project promoting reusable containers to further a goal of reduction of use of single use hot beverage cups. As You Sow and Dunkin Brands commit to continued dialogue and sharing of information as practicable on sustainable packaging, recycling and composting issues.