Invest Your Values

Do you know what’s lurking in your mutual funds? You may be shocked to find out what you actually own - especially if you have a company-managed retirement account. We certainly were!

Even though our mission is fighting fossil fuels and climate change, it turned out staff all owned oil & gas companies, pipeline companies, coal-fired utilities - like Exxon, Chevron, and Duke. And it took weeks of digging just to figure that out.

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So we’re making it easy to screen mutual funds. Fossil fuels were first. As You Sow now has five Invest Your Values scorecards, with more to come. That makes it a lot easier to know what you own, and to align your investments with your values.

All the Invest Your Values scorecards are online, easy to use, and always free. Take a look! We guarantee you’ll be surprised to find out what you really own.

P.S. The Invest Your Values scorecards also encourage fund managers to construct and offer responsive investments vehicles. That exerts market pressure on companies to improve. Snap!

The Invest Your Values interactive scorecards analyze the holdings of 5,000+ of the most commonly-held U.S. mutual funds and ETFs, the backbone of America’s 401(k)s, IRAs, and general investments portfolios. Each scorecard is updated monthly and screens funds’ current holdings, then analyzes and ranks performances on the specific environmental/social issue. Holdings data in partnership with Morningstar. Scorecards include an array of deep-dive information and an action toolkit.

Check out Invest Your Values on our website!

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