Plastics and Fossil Fuels: a match made in h*ll


The union between plastics and fossil fuels is mushrooming to new level of h*ll for climate and oceans and people.

As the cost of renewable energy drops and sales of electric cars grow, demand for fossil fuel diminishes, eating into oil company profits. But demand for plastics — especially single-use plastics — is expected to triple by 2050, and plastics are made from petroleum.

Oil companies are looking to plastics to drive new demand for their oil.  

Led by familiar names like Exxon, Shell, and Chevron, more plants to create plastic from petroleum are popping up across the country. The chemical industry says there’s a whopping $164 billion worth of new investment in such facilities in the pipeline.

So just as we’re coming to grips with plastics’ devastating and lasting harm, the oil industry steps up as a champion of plastics production — especially the worst, single-use kind!

We MUST find a way to stop the plastics/oil loop. And it’s crucial that we find a way NOW — before even more long-term fossil fuel infrastructure is built, locking us in to years of plastic production that our climate and the oceans can’t withstand.

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