Methane is 87 times worse...

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Natural gas, essentially methane, is supposedly a clean, climate-friendly alternative to “dirty” fossil fuels. But natural gas may be making things worse. Methane has 87 times the global warming punch of CO2 in the first 20 years. It only takes about 3% leakage in the natural gas supply chain to erase natural gas’ climate benefit over coal.

That’s right, just 3% leakage, in total — from the wellhead to the gas meter at your house — makes natural gas worse for the climate than COAL. And a lot of our cities are burdened with old and deteriorating gas pipelines that in some areas leak like a sieve.

So where are we now? The numbers are alarming. As You Sow’s report, “The End of the Line”, has critical up-to-date information for both corporations and individuals like you. It’s available to read or download at

We’re pressing hard to make sure utilities take concrete steps on fugitive methane, for the climate and for all our benefit.

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