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Chevron AGM: Investor Angst Grows With Oil Giants’ Refusal to Plan Transition to Low Carbon Economy

Investors at Chevron Corporation’s annual meeting will vote today on a shareholder resolution put forward by As You Sow and Arjuna Capital. The resolution asks Chevron to report to shareholders on how the company plans to transition its business model to successfully align with a decarbonizing energy market, while also taking a role in helping to limit the planet’s warming to under two degrees Celsius.

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As You Sow Statement on ExxonMobil Announcement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions

ExxonMobil today announced an intent to reduce methane emissions by 15% by 2020 and undertake other greenhouse gas reduction measures at refining and chemical manufacturing operations focused on efficiency improvements. This announcement follows a successful shareholder vote of nearly 40% on As You Sow’s 2017 methane resolution with ExxonMobil asking the company to detail plans to curtail its methane emissions.

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Anadarko Shareholders Stun with Majority Vote for Resolution Requesting Climate Change Accountability

Today, a majority of Anadarko shareholders voted in favor of an As You Sow proposal asking the Company to assess the risks to its portfolio of scenarios consistent with limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius or below, as defined in the Paris Agreement. Shareholders have signaled a need to understand how Anadarko will retain its value in an increasingly low carbon energy market.

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