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BP to Support Investor Resolution on Climate, but Will Announcement Be Followed With 'Concrete, Bold Action'?

BP announced today that it will support a resolution from investors of the Climate Action 100+ initiative asking the company to broaden its corporate reporting to describe how its strategy is consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement. The energy giant said the BP board has decided to support the proposed resolution, which will be put to shareholders at the company’s annual general meeting in May 2019.

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Shareholders Must Demand Oil & Gas Companies Implement Paris Compliant Plans

Strategic review looks at impact of seven years of resolutions on moving oil & gas on climate change and investor underperformance due to holding the sector. Today’s release of “2020: A Clear Vision for Paris Compliant Shareholder Engagement” lays out a clear plan for shareholders to move oil & gas companies to transition to 2 degree-compliant business models.

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Clean200 Weathers Perfect Storm, Holds Own Against Surging Oil Prices, Tariff Wars

Today, As You Sow and Corporate Knights released its fifth update of the Carbon Clean 200™ (Clean200™), a list of the 200 largest publicly traded companies making significant revenue from clean energy. After a period of outperforming the S&P Global 1200 Energy Index (fossil fuel benchmark), a series of global events converged to leave the Clean200 behind the fossil fuel benchmark for only the second time since its inception two years ago. However, the Clean200 when excluding Chinese companies continued to outperform.

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