Monstrous inaction

We all can forgive a product that's a little heavy on the sugar.
We all can forgive aggressive product marketing.
We can even forgive encouraging consumers to get ill-considered tattoos.

We can't forgive slavery. Ever.

On June 7th, shareholders of the Monster Beverage Corporation will vote on a shareholder proposal asking Monster to report on slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain. Monster's record of disclosure on supply chain slavery is not good. KnowtheChain gave Monster a score of 0, dead last among its peers in accountability throughout the supply chain.

Monster has assumed "minimal risk" of slavery and human trafficking, while offering no documentation of how they came to this conclusion.

If you are a shareholder, you have a voice.



Tell your fund manager to vote for our shareholder proposal asking Monster to ensure slavery stays out of its supply chain.

Just click the button below - we've made it easy.

We've also joined forces with our friends at Freedom United to let companies like Monster Beverage know that slavery is not invisible, and we can't stand for it.

Sign onto a letter to let Monster Beverage know you won't tolerate their #monstrousinaction.



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