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Why are 401(k) Plans Not Aligned With Sustainability Goals?

As millennial-aged employees now represent the majority of the U.S. workforce, it is increasingly important that corporate management finds ways to engage them in the company. Creating 401(k) plans which connect to their core values — like solving human, social and environmental problems through their work and investments — can be a huge advantage to the company as a whopping 85% of millennials surveyed in the 2016 US Trust study said they consider their investment decisions as “a way to express their social, political, and environmental values.” This attracts the best talent, spurs employee engagement, extends retention, and sparks innovation.

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India Investors Put Faith in Clean Energy

The need to go green has been called “an inconvenient truth” — a distraction from the regular ways of doing business, and not necessarily a money-maker. Markets around the world, however, are proving that going green is a solid way of making green, too. The Carbon Clean 200 is a bi-annual report released by my colleagues at As You Sow and Corporate Knights that catalogues the top-performing companies that make at least 10% of their annual sales from products and services related to clean energy, and India had a very strong showing with 7 companies listed in the Clean200 Q3 2017 edition.

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