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As You Sow Seeks Transparency on Plastic Pellet Spills from Large Petrochemical Producers including Chevron, Dow, and Exxon

As You Sow is challenging three of the world’s largest plastic resins manufacturers to disclose actions taken to prevent and remediate spills of pre-production plastic pellets into waterways during production or transport. Plastic pellets are estimated to be the second largest direct source of microplastic pollution to the ocean by weight.

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PepsiCo Foundation Announces Recycling Challenge, But Commitment Unlikely to Move the Needle

PepsiCo Foundation announced this morning that it will provide $10 million in funding to jumpstart the “All In On Recycling” challenge to make it easier for 25 million families across the country to recycle bottles and cans.

The announcement comes eight years after the nonprofit corporate watchdog As You Sow agreed to withdraw a 2010 Pepsi shareholder proposal after the company promised to work with peers to increase the beverage container recycling rate to 50% by 2018. However…

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