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Hanesbrands, Inc.: Report on Human Rights Risks

WHEREAS, an estimated 16 million people are trapped in conditions of forced labor in extended private sector supply chains, generating over $150 billion in profits for illegal labor recruiters and employers through underpayment of wages. Over 70% of these workers are in debt bondage and forced to work in industries such as agriculture and food processing.

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Tyson Foods, Inc.: Report on Human Rights Due Diligence

WHEREAS: The World Economic Forum 2015 Global Risk Report ranked water as the top societal risk facing the world in terms of potential economic impact. (1)  The Human Right to Water, formally recognized by the United Nations in 2010, clarifies that it is the responsibility of companies to ensure their operations do not infringe upon the right of individuals to sufficient, safe, acceptable, accessible, and affordable water. This human right is further buttressed by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6, which includes a target for improving water quality by reducing pollution and minimizing the discharge of hazardous chemicals and materials.

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