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Shareholders Earn Strong Vote on Climate-Related Methane Proposal at Chevron Annual General Meeting

Approximately 45% of Chevron’s shareholders voted today in favor of a fugitive methane reduction resolution put forward by shareholder advocate As You Sow and co-filers. This proposal highlights Chevron as one of the top methane emitters, ranking 17 out of the highest 100 methane emitters from onshore production while also noting its failure to keep up with peers in reporting its methane reduction actions.

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Chevron AGM: Investor Angst Grows With Oil Giants’ Refusal to Plan Transition to Low Carbon Economy

Investors at Chevron Corporation’s annual meeting will vote today on a shareholder resolution put forward by As You Sow and Arjuna Capital. The resolution asks Chevron to report to shareholders on how the company plans to transition its business model to successfully align with a decarbonizing energy market, while also taking a role in helping to limit the planet’s warming to under two degrees Celsius.

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As You Sow Challenges Chevron to Take Immediate Action on Methane Emissions

In a new shareholder resolution, As You Sow and Dominican Sisters of Hope, Congregation of St. Joseph, Adrian Dominican Sisters, and Dignity Health are calling upon Chevron to report to shareholders on how it is detecting and mitigating methane emissions, a leading cause of climate change. Methane, the primary component of natural gas, has an intense, short-term climate forcing impact, at least 84 times that of carbon over 20 years. San Ramon-based Chevron is ranked near the top (17th out of the 100 highest) methane emitters from onshore production based on a 2016 study.

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